Autodesk announces 2013 product releases
Tuesday, 27 March 2012 17:50

Autodesk has announced the 2013 versions of their M&E products.

The Area:

Autodesk blogs:

The new ULTIMATE 2013 version of the Entertainment Creation Suite includes
3ds Max, Maya, MotionBuilder, Mudbox and Softimage. Buy New or Upgrade.

PDF: Top Reasons to Buy Autodesk Entertainment Creation Suites
PDF: Brochure - Entertainment Creation Suites 2013


(Friday, 13 April 2012) The 2013 versions are now available for download on Subscription Center where you will also find your new serial number and product key.
If you have any trouble with the Download Manager you can use the Browser Download option.
If you have a floating license you will need to generate a new network license file.
Please follow us on Twitter for futher tips and updates.
Demand More
Tuesday, 07 February 2012 10:55

20% Autodesk Suites upgrade offer

Right now you can save 20% on upgrades to the Autodesk Design and Creation Suites. Stay competitive and deliver more for your clients with a new powerful set of tools! For example, upgrade from your 3ds Max 2012 or Maya 2012 license on Subscription to the Entertainment Creation Suite which includes Mudbox for 3D sculpting and painting and MotionBuilder for character animation and mocap.

The Premium version of the Entertainment Creation Suite also includes Softimage with it's sophisticated particle system, physical simulations, facial animation and more. Become more efficient by using the right tool from the start. You can move files easily between the entertainment products with a one-click single step integration. This offer is available until April 13 (similar 2013 offer available until July 4).

Autodesk 2009 Retirement

If you are still using Autodesk 2009 software then you now have a last chance to buy a standard low priced upgrade before it gets retired on March 13.





AutoCAD LT rebate promotion

AutoCAD LT is the professional choice for creating precise technical 2D drawings. Now you can get a 300 EUR rebate after your new seat purchase, or a 20% discount on upgrades from earlier versions. This offer is available until April 13 (similar offer available until July 4).

RenderMan On Demand is Here!
Monday, 23 January 2012 00:00


RenderMan On Demand, Pixar's new cloud based rendering service is here!

Pixar is pleased to advise that is now live, and accepting projects from customers.

Read the:

FAQ — RenderMan On Demand

Press Release — RenderMan On Demand

And YES, you can pre-purchase blocks of cloud core hours through Megafront!

Autodesk 2012 Subscription Advantage Packs
Friday, 14 October 2011 13:34

If you are on Subscription make sure to take advantage of the new 2012 Subscription Advantage Packs. Here are some of the new and enhanced features:

3ds Max 2012 SAP (More details)
Render pass system, After Effects and Photoshop interoperability, ActiveShade for iray.
Maya 2012 SAP
New Node Editor, Alembic point caching, Bullet Physics.
Mudbox 2012 SAP
Gigatexel Engine, Edge hardness, creasing & smoothing, Combine Bump and Normal maps.
Softimage 2012 SAP (More details)
Enhanced Modeling and Selection tools, Animation & scene management and ICE.

You can download the SAPs from the Subscription Center.

Autodesk 2012 products announced
Wednesday, 02 March 2011 17:00

Autodesk has announced the 2012 versions of its Digital Entertainment Creation Products!

Be sure to check out the live streaming (March 2-4) and news from GDC 2011 on The Area.

Get news updates on Twitter: Autodesk_ME / Megafront

Autodesk anticipates that the products will be available in April 2011.

Procedural & Megafront partner up!
Wednesday, 02 March 2011 00:00

Megafront & Procedural partner up to meet the Scandinavian market!

If you have not yet checked out this excellent software that builds cities in a fraction of time instead of doing that by hand you will have a great kick out of this one!

Just to mention some of their users to give you a quality check are Pixar, Dreamworks, Weta Digital, Blizzard, Rockstar Games, THQ among other demanding producers.


Prices are:

CityEngine PRO - $4950 (excl. local VAT)

CityEngine STUDIO - $1695 (excl. local VAT)

CityEngine INDIE - $495 (excl. local VAT)

Product comparison.

also available with educational prices for schools!

Check out CityEngine at YouTube!


Feel free to contact us for any inquiries about the Procedural product line!

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