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Developer: Autodesk
Type: 3D character animation
Website: Autodesk - MotionBuilder


Autodesk MotionBuilder software is the foremost productivity suite for 3D character animation. It delivers award winning tools to tackle the most demanding, high-volume animation projects.

Together with its unique real-time architecture, non-destructive animation layering, Story Timeline non-linear editing environment and intuitive workflow, MotionBuilder provides tools to take on the most demanding animation challenges.

With its collection of real-time character-centric tools - for tasks ranging from traditional keyframing to motion capture editing - the software lets you:

  • Quickly and easily rig and pose characters
  • Achieve natural articulation of biped and quadruped characters
  • Layer and edit animation on the fly
  • Rapidly combine animation with audio, video, 3D elements and more
  • Instantly retarget animation data between characters
  • Stream and record live data from popular motion capture devices
  • Integrate MotionBuilder into any 3D pipeline via the software’s native FBX file format
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