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With IgNite you have a complete ingestion to render toolset UI to assist with your modelling, animation and rendering workflow. Within the UI we have developed bespoke plugins only available with IgNite, which we believe make this toolset unique. It features the first networkable playblast, CAD cleanup and retopologize tools as well as the ability to prep scenes and submit multiple cameras to render.
Furthermore, if you need to save 3D assets to your library from within your scene, our AMI (Asset Management Interface) tool is built in to assist you.

Plugin Features
  • Scene setup tools
  • Camera export - Nuke and AE
  • Playblast - Up to 4K network play blasts (Thinkbox Deadline)
  • Custom Maxscript launcher
  • Object and animation tools
  • Select and rename tools
  • Much more!
Utility Tools
  • Submit - Multi camera render submission (Thinkbox Deadline)
  • Complii - Render pass preparation tool
  • Unite - Relinks missing file paths
  • Jumble - Random object selection and transforms
  • Sculpt - Poly tools including retopologize
  • Scribe - Spline tools including clean up
  • Ami - 3d asset management
  • Forensic - Scene check and repair
  • Illumi - HDRI wizard
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