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NUKE products are powerful, award-winning compositing tools that deliver unparalleled speed and first-class feature sets unrivalled in the desktop market.

If you're in the business of creating high-quality film, animation, commercial or broadcast content, The Foundry's NUKE products, backed by a large, global pool of trained talent, will bring speed, functionality and flexibility to your pipeline.



For more videos like these, including tutorials, visit the Step Up to NUKE microsite.

NUKEX: For all your compositing needs and more

Our most powerful product is NUKEX, which comes jam-packed with tools to give artists greater freedom, arming them to tackle complex compositing challenges in new and efficient ways. The extended tool set allows artists to work efficiently, interactively and in the context of the visual effects process, without having to leave NUKEX to perform certain tasks in external software packages.

NUKEX features the core NUKE toolset complimented with exclusive cutting edge tools to ease day to day compositing tasks without having to leave the package. Highlights include:

  • Best in class industry standard nodal compositing
  • Linear colour pipeline and multi-channel workflow, for film grade results and flexible CG compositing
  • Open and customisable, featuring OpenEXR support, Python scripting for pipeline integration, C APIs for custom image processing and more
  • Comprehensive 3D workspace featuring projection mapping, particles, camera tracking and more, blurring the line between comp and CG to help you turn around shots faster and maintaining shot flexibility until late in your pipeline
  • Cutting edge future proofing development, including support for upcoming technologies such as deep image processing.
  • Assist tool for collaborative working.

Want to know more about NUKEX?

  • See the full NUKEX feature set
  • Contact us for a This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

NUKE: At the core of first-class compositing

NUKE is the original compositing tool from The Foundry. It provides the stable foundation from which to deliver the creative vision of the most forward-thinking directors, helping to meet tight deadlines, and manage quality, scale and efficiency in a robust production pipeline.

NUKE by Industry

NUKE and NUKEX for Film

NUKE is the industry standard Swiss army knife for film, battle tested on the most ambitious visual effects projects ever attempted and proven to deliver a robust pipeline able to adapt and scale to any production demand.

NUKE and NUKEX for Commercials and Short Form

NUKE's film heritage and raw speed allows the delivery of shots that wouldn't have been possible in a commercials schedule before, merging seamlessly with the 3D CG pipeline and enabling artists to share workloads and take on an array of client-focused work, in a more creative and efficient manner.

NUKE and NUKEX for Stereo and Stereoscopic Conversion

NUKE is also the only compositing platform with a comprehensive multi-view pipeline at its core. OCULA, The Foundry's award-winning plug-in toolset for NUKE, can tackle an additional range of common stereoscopic challenges delivering a higher quality audience experience, while often saving time and money in production.

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