This is the tenth revision release for Deadline 10.0. It fixes a few bugs that have been reported during the 10.0 release cycle and adds some minor improvements, including BYOL (Bring Your Own Licensing) for V-Ray on Windows (previously, it was only supported on Linux). Support for Mistika VR has also been added in this release. In addition, a new modo AMI has been made available in AWS Portal.

Complete Release Notes

General Improvements

  • Updated botocore library to 1.8.22.
  • Updated boto3 library to 1.5.8.

Installer Improvements

  • In the Client installer, the Output Directory browse button in the HTTPS Server Settings page is no longer cut off on OSX.

AWS Portal Improvements

  • Added BYOL (Bring Your Own Licensing) for V-Ray on Windows (previously, it was only supported on Linux).
  • A new modo AMI is now available.
  • Fixed an issue with old Spot Fleet requests that were left in a cancelled_terminating state, which could prevent the AWS Portal panel from updating properly.
  • The Asset Server’s S3 credentials are now permanent, which prevents “token has expired” errors from occurring.
  • The Asset Server can now retrieve CloudWatch logs based on failed/rendered tasks.
  • Fixed a couple issues with creating S3 buckets and modifying policies if the AWS Portal Link hasn’t been installed yet.
  • Fixed some display issues in the Configure AWS Portal Settings window.
  • Fixed an issue with the “Estimate Cost” button that could prevent it from working sometimes on OSX.
  • Asset transfer pre-loading is no longer handled by the script (which is supposed to be a general script). Instead, a new script is now used.
  • Fixed a couple issues in the Asset Server Settings window.

Launcher Improvements

  • Reduced how often the Launcher tries to reconnect to the Repository and Database if it becomes disconnected. This helps reduce the load on these systems.

Monitor Improvements

  • Added a new “Find Render Candidates” option to the right-click menu in the Jobs panel. This is meant to replace the Job Candidates Filter in the Slaves panel.
  • The “Reset Settings” button in the Repository Options window now works properly.
  • Double-clicking a docked panel in the Monitor will no longer undock it when the Monitor layout is locked.

License Forwarder Improvements

  • Reduced the amount of communication between the Deadline Slaves and the License Forwarder.
  • Fixed an issue where a mix of IPv4 and IPv6 on the farm could prevent 3rd Party UBL from working properly.
  • Improved logging.

Web Service Improvements

  • Fixed an issue where requests to “POST /api/jobs/” would start causing errors after 99 requests.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the Web Service to crash when repeatedly refreshing a web browser connected to the API.

Application Plugin Improvements

3ds Max

  • Cleaned up some log messages printed out by the 3dsmax plugin.
  • Added Corona 1.7 support.
  • Fixed a bug where changing the Monitor user showed up in the SMTD UI, but was ignored on job submission.
  • When submitting 3ds Max jobs to the AWS Portal, the scene file is now added to the asset list.
  • Fixed a camera culling issue when using Batch submission alongside iToo Forest Pack Pro.
  • Added a popup ignorer for the MAXScript “Recording” popup for German language users.
  • V-Ray split/raw output is now handled correctly when Local Rendering is disabled.

After Effects

  • Improved the layout of After Effects settings that can be modified from the Job Properties window in the Jobs panel.
  • A message is now printed out to the render log if the After Effects version the job was submitted from is different from the version being rendered with.
  • Fixed issues with some sticky settings in the integrated submitter.
  • Added new sanity checks to the integrated submitter.
  • Errors and progress logging is now enforced (before, it was based on the Render Queue settings in the comp file).
  • Added a check to create output directories prior to rendering if they don’t already exist.
  • Fixed integrated submitter logic bugs in “Submit Layers” sub-window.
  • Added new “Delete XML File After Export” option to the integrated submitter to allow the temporary AEPX file to be deleted after job submission if we are also submitting the comp file with the job.

Cinema 4D

  • Fixed an issue when rendering jobs that use C4D relatively mapped files.


  • Fixed an issue in Fusion 9 when loading the comp if Fusion hasn’t been fully initialized yet.


  • Fixed an issue where scenes would fail to render because ROPs were either locked or not included in the current Take.
  • The integrated submitter installer now respects the HOUDINI_PATH and HOUDINI_MENU_PATH environment variables, and no longer overwrites them if they already exist.


  • When submitting from within KeyShot, the submitter frame range will now start at 0 instead of 1.


  • The MayaCmd plugin now properly sets the environment variable when using Legacy Layers.
  • An error is now shown instead of a warning when submitting a V-Ray Export job with no export path.
  • When tile rendering with Maya and Arnold, black lines are no longer in the assembled image when the vertical resolution is not cleanly divisible by the tile count.
  • Fixed an issue in the integrated submitter installer when installing for Maya 2018 and 2018.5.
  • The integrated submitter installer no longer needs to be run as an Administrator. It is installed to the user directory instead, which doesn’t require elevation.


  • Added support for Mistika VR to Deadline.


  • Added AWS Portal pre-caching option to the integrated submitter.

Event Plugin Improvements


  • Fixed a syntax error in the job right-click script to create a new Shotgun version.


  • Updated Spot event plugin with the latest AWS regions and instance-types.
  • Limits are now taken into consideration when determining how many instances to start.
  • Pools can now be set alongside other Spot Fleet configuration settings.

Cloud Plugin Improvements


  • Updated Amazon cloud plugin with the latest AWS regions and instance-types.
  • Whitespace is now removed from some configuration values before using them.

More information about this fix can be found at Deadline Full Documentation.