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Channel your creativity with enhanced tools in Maya

This update brings new ways for artists to channel their creativity with enhanced tools and integrations. New Boolean operations increase workflow productivity, and Vertex Color enhancements give artists better visual feedback for objects. Maya also continues to build on its USD integration for a more seamless experience across teams.

Capabilities in Maya

New Options for Boolean Operations Several updates to the new Boolean workflow give artists more control when creating complex models.

  • Stack Interface: Modelers now have more control when adding and editing Input Objects and can quickly add selected meshes as Input Objects directly from the Stack Interface. Once an Input Object is added, selection can be made bi-directionally in both the Stack Interface and the Viewport. This significantly improves usability in the Boolean Stack.

  • Input Objects: Artists can quickly duplicate an existing object by simply right-clicking on it in the Stack. When editing inputs, performance can be significantly increased by disabling the new Interactive Update option. Additional settings allow artists to set the default behavior for any new Input Objects later added to the Stack. These changes allow for increased performance and improved usability while working with complex models.

In addition to these new features, Maya now includes many Boolean-related bug fixes, improving the reliability of user workflows.