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Customer Case: SNOW Animation

Updated: Nov 25, 2021

Hello there, Mikael Ovesson, Producer at SNOW Animation!

You guys work with Animation & Production, that's relatively straightforward, but what is your speciality within Animations?

"Well, we have two areas where we think we are particularly good:

One is product films. We are good at showing a product from its very best side. It is everything from finding the right story to getting the material and lighting in a way that really exudes high quality and the right personality for the product.

We are still a young company, and here I feel that we have not had the chance to show what we stand for yet. I hope we get that trust soon!"

"The other one is cartoonish character animation. On that front, we are probably a little more established in working with several TV commercials that people probably recognize."

What’s the best thing about working at SNOW?

"That you have fun at work, basically every day."

And what’s the best thing about working with SNOW?

"Well, I hope it’s just as fun to work WITH us too! And of course, we also always try very hard to provide the best possible service and quality for our clients."

Megafront is your software vendor and provides you with Autodesk Maya and Adobe Creative Cloud licences. How would you rate us? Are we doing a good job keeping you updated with the latest stuff?

"Oh Yes. I think Megafront has done a really great job. Both in terms of service and price. It’s a 5/5 from me."

Which project that you’ve produced do you want to brag about?

"We have recently done some fun projects that we, unfortunately, can't show. I think my personal favourite falls into that category.

Of what we CAN show on the website, perhaps one of the more fun films we have created is a project we did for a wristwatch manufacturer called REC Watches. We created a fantastic film for a relatively small budget."

Let your imagination loose: what would be the ultimate project for you and SNOW?

"I have always had a dream of producing an animated series for children. There is a half-finished idea lying around in the back of my mind that I hope there will be time to develop at some point."

And, finally: What project are you working on at the moment that will revolutionize the world when it’s done?

"We are right at the junction between two major projects, one of which is that we recently produced three commercials for IKANO bank together with KAN Agency. The big challenge here was to deliver a good film under hard time pressure, and I think we succeeded well.

The other project we have just started working on. It is a large B2B project for a machine equipment company. Unfortunately, I cannot reveal any further details about it now."

Thank you so much, Mikael for taking your time to talk to us and thank you for being a part of the Megafront family!

Mikael Ovesson, Producer & Creative SNOW ANIMATION STUDIO

Check out SNOW Animation and all their projects on their website!

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