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How to access your Chaos software from home

Our partner Chaos Group just shared some information on how you access your Chaos software remotely. Read the text below, if you have any questions please write to us:

  • Connecting through VPN If your studio has a VPN set up, you can access your licenses remotely right from your company’s network. We recommend that you ask your IT department for details on how to connect. As long as your VPN connection allows access to the Chaos license server IP address or hostname, it should work the same as if you were in the office. Once connected, you can check the status by entering the IP address or hostname in your web browser, followed by the port number 30304. For example, http://IP_ADDRESS:30304/. When successful, you’ll see the License Server Interface page.

  • Using your licenses locally To access your licenses locally, you can simply install the Chaos License Server on your local machine and sign in to your Chaos account online. If your IT department manages your Chaos account, we recommend you consult them for help with the installation. With the Chaos License Server running on your local machine, you can set the Primary license server address to and leave the port set to the default value 30304.

For help with silent installations, command-line installation options, and other advanced installation types, please visit our help docs.

  • Rendering with Chaos Cloud If you need access to more rendering resources while working from home, Chaos Cloud could help. For those new to our cloud rendering service, you’ll receive 20 free cloud credits when you sign up

For our Educational customers To help our educational customers that have been affected by campus closures, we are working to make sure schools and universities can provide at-home access to their students and educators. More information is coming soon.

We hope everyone stays healthy and safe. If there’s anything else we can do to help, please let us know. 


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