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Megafront & Creative Tools in Collaboration

Agreement signed. Now the collaboration that Magnus and Hans' have started will initiate the work between Megafront and Creative Tools in the industry!

Megafront ends distribution rights for Autodesk products

To be able to provide studios in the VFX and M&E industry with personal and knowledgeable direct contact with a local Swedish reseller of Autodesk products, we have decided to end our distribution rights for Autodesk products.

With suppliers worldwide placing increasingly higher sales demands on retailers, local retailers' percentage will decrease rapidly. By handing over the Autodesk customer base that Megafront has cared for and managed for 23 years to another Swedish reseller, we believe that we create good conditions for the industry to access personal and knowledgeable direct contact with a local Autodesk reseller in the region. In this case, that reseller will be Creative Tools AB in Halmstad.

This collaboration benefits the industry and is in the customer's best interest. Megafront always has, since its start in 2000, cherished long and good relationships. With Creative Tools now managing Megafronts' Autodesk customer base, they will continue to care for the relationships we have built over the years.

This collaboration only includes companies that are Autodesk customers at Megafront. We will continue to offer sales and service from our other suppliers with the same team as before.

Megafront will, of course, continue to exist on the market. We have the same team as before and will continue to provide the industry with relevant tools and services with products from our other suppliers.

Download the Press Release (in Swedish):

Megafront & Creative Tools i samarbete
Download PDF • 121KB



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