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New Year - new ZBrush version!

This year opens strong with a major update for ZBrush - bringing RedShift, workflow improvements and more!

One of the perhaps most exciting additions this time is the native support for Apple's M1 and M2 chips. This will bring nice performance improvements all-round for anyone running Apple Silicon.

Another exciting addition is the new Slime Bridge tool that lets you join parts of your sculpt together in a nice gooey, stretchy fashion. So whether you're trying to make some delicious gore, or perhaps a cuddly snot-monster - you're sure to have some fun tinkering with the different ways you can add some new slime bridges.

Working with symmetry also levelled up this year thanks to Dynamic Symmetry - letting you transform your pieces while still keeping the symmetry axis.

ZRemesher is still improving with features like Retry that lets you tweak, store and find just the right settings for your sculpts. Keep PolyPaint also lets you optimise your meshes whenever you want to in your workflow - projecting existing colors onto the new, constructed meshes.

And once you've created your masterpiece with these wonderful new tools and features, you can render them in more detail than ever - directly inside of ZBrush. Thanks to the new integration of Redshift in ZBrush you can now stay inside of ZBrush when creating the final presentation of your sculpt.

Want to know more or order a license/upgrade? Get in touch at

You can read the full release notes and update post on ZBrushCentral.


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