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Megascans – The worlds largest Scan Library

Finally, we at Megafront can reveal that we now are resellers for your #1 choice for VFX within Media & Entertainment: Quixels Megascans. Get your Megascans license through Megafront!

What is Megascans?

Megascans is the world's largest and fastest-growing standardized, high-quality scans resource. Hundreds of new assets are scanned and added every week.

High speed creation of any scene imaginable

  • Have a ready database of physically scanned assets, textures and materials

  • Iterate faster on environments to quickly achieve a unique artistic style at the highest quality

  • Easily bring photorealism into your work, or create a stylized look, without restarting from scratch

Increased creativity by utilizing the real world

  • Use the real world to create diverse and immersive environments

  • Competition in visualization is at an all time high — the more visually immersive your project is, the higher chance it has to generate revenue

  • Access a huge creative library to push artistic creativity

Lower production costs

  • With a database always at the ready, nothing has to be manufactured from scratch

  • Cost is reduced by starting later in the pipeline, also allowing artists to spend more time on scene creation and less on asset manufacturing

  • Concepts built with Megascans can be shippable, shortening the time from concept to release


Megascans is the only proper library for high-quality scans on the market. Megascans was used throughout Battlefield V to bring in extra quality, flesh out environments, and lift overall visual fidelity. – Pontus Ryman, Senior Environment Artist, EA DICE


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