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Say hi to Jenny! 👋

Ladies and gentlemen, let us introduce our new colleague and mega-superstar, Jenny!

Jennys' full name is Jenny Björling, and she will jump in as Sales Manager at Megafront and start charming all of you, soon-to-be customers! Megafront has, as you know, a fantastic collection of software in 3D, CAD, Photogrammetry, Film, Image Editing, Rendering and Plug-ins for the Entertainment Industry! And that's precisely what Jenny will do her absolute best to make you understand.

We do not doubt that she'll succeed with that since she has over 20 years of experience in sales and marketing within IT. She has worked with big businesses such as Canon, ATEA, and Modern Times Group (MTG). When she's not a supersaleshero at Megafront, she likes to travel, eat good food (preach, sister! 🙌) and cuddle with her two dogs, her son Max and husband Clas.

We love having Jenny on-site, and we can't wait for her to meet all of you!

You will be able to reach and contact her at:


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