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Why Move to a Subscription

Customers with eligible products on maintenance plans now can easily switch to a subscription at the time of their renewal for a discounted price. Learn how to take advantage of this offer, choose the best subscription to fit your business needs, and how to setup and manage your new subscription.

Subscribing to Autodesk products allows you to get the greatest value from their tools and technologies, and fundamentally changes how they deliver extended capabilities and new functionalities through connected services. Autodesk will continue to invest heavily in their subscription offerings, to provide you with greater value through the following benefits:

  • Greater Access – Enjoy ongoing access to the latest innovations in tools, technologies, and services to fit your needs.

  • Flexible Control – Better manage users and costs by providing access to the right products and updates when your users need them.

  • Valuable Insights – Evaluate and analyze product usage, spending, productivity, and future needs with simple reporting tools and alerts.

What to Consider Before Moving from Maintenance to Subscription:

The earlier you switch, the more you will save:

  • You can secure a lower price by switching earlier.

  • Your renewal price will remain significantly lower than the cost of renewing a maintenance plan or purchasing a full price subscription.

Perpetual licenses on maintenance will be replaced with subscription licenses:

  • Your perpetual license rights terminate and are replaced with a term-based subscription rights, at a significant discount.

  • You have access to software while you remain active on a subscription.

  • When your subscription ends, you no longer have access to the perpetual software you switched.

Subscriptions with single-user access require internet connectivity:

  • You need to the internet when you first start the software, and at least once every 30 days thereafter.

Standalone licenses cannot be switched to network licenses and vice-versa:

  • You will not be able to change the access type (also known as deployment type) when you switch. If your perpetual license is a network license, it will be switched to a subscription with multi-user access. If your perpetual license is a standalone license, it will be switched to a subscription with single-user access.

More information on what to consider before moving here.

When your maintenance plan is eligible for renewal, you have two options:

1. Switch a product* on a maintenance plan to a subscription of:

  • An industry collection or

  • The same product.

2. Renew your maintenance plan for one year.If you choose to stay on maintenance, you will continue to receive the benefits of that plan, including support and product updates for as long as you continue to renew. You can move to a subscription during your next renewal period.

More information here – Contact us


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