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Work faster with customizable tools in Bifrost

This update introduces the first public SDK for the Bifrost graph allowing existing C++ libraries to be brought into Bifrost and used as first-class citizens of the chart. Bifrost also brings colored Aero simulation updates and improved diagnostics in MPM. Artists can perform last-mile visual programming to customize or build their systems on top of those.

Capabilities in Bifrost

Operator SDK A powerful first release of the Bifrost SDK opens up Bifrost to C++ developers. Studios with proprietary C++ code can now use and extend those tools in the Bifrost graph. Developers and TDs can create Bifrost types and operators which are Bifrost nodes programmed in C++. Styles can be used both in the Bifrost graph and in C++ operators. Together, they enable users to expose existing C++ libraries to the Bifrost graph, both open source, and proprietary. C++ types can flow in the Bifrost graph from operator to operator, as seen with USD Stages in Bifrost-USD.

Operator SDK Tooling and Examples This update includes real-world SDK example projects demonstrating how to create operators, overloads, structs, enums, and classes. It also brings tools to help developers build their projects and automatically generate Bifrost JSON files.

Colored Aero Simulations From plumes of brightly colored powder mingling in the air to explosions where dirt, sooty smoke, and steam blend together - Bifrost can now simulate colored gasses mixing in the air to be rendered artifact-free in Arnold. Colors can be sourced from raw data such as painted color sets, particle colors, or fields defining colors in space.

Improved MPM Diagnostic MPM has new diagnostics and diagnostic controls, enabling users to understand better what is happening in their simulations.

Consult the Bifrost 2.5 release notes for further information.


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