Autodesk Maya LT

Maya LT™ 3D game development software offers modeling and animation tools that let you build characters and environments and bring them to life.


With several UV improvements and exciting new modeling toolupdates, Autodesk® MayaLT® helps game developers work faster than ever before. Modeling, animation, workflows have seen significant improvements that not only help artists work quickerbut also help make character creation more enjoyable.



MayaLT features a revamped UV editor that simplifies the UI and introduces new UVfeatures and simplified workflows.


MayaLT introducesanew intelligent stacking features and the ability to automatically distribute UVs so game developers can get their UV work done quicker.

Perform hard surface and technical modelling tasks more efficiently with performance improvements in Booleans tools, and a new circularize tool that creates flattened disc surfaces on any mesh.


Sculpting your game assets in MayaLT is improved with support for topological symmetry, support for vector displacement map based stamping capable of generating complex shapes with undercuts like ears or mushrooms. Flooding is now available for most brushes allowing for quick adjustments across the entire mesh.



Get better control over offsetting of clips with MayaLT’s Modern Time Editor featuring a new workflow for defining custom root(s) for relocator objects allowing for better control in world space. Time editor Clips can now be looped progressively, so that cycles project forward.


MayaLT’s Graph Editor workflow has been polished based on customer feedback –the curve selection and move interaction is adjusted to be like the Classic Graph Editor’s workflow; autoframe has been improved and fine-tuned; non-weighted curves are the default curve type on creation; multiple tangents on selected keys can now easily be moved at once without having to select each tangent. Colors can now be customized in the Modern Graph Editor to allow for greater control over visual preferences.


The Modern Graph Editor UI has been polished. The default color scheme and curve designs have been updated to reduce visual contrast, automatic value lines have been added, and menu items and layout have been updated to provide parity with the Classic Graph Editor.



MayaLT introduces transparent shadows that cast correct 1-bit shadows and ambient occlusion (SSAO) through cards with transparent texture maps, allowing for viewport shadows to be visualized in scenes that previously did not support them.


MayaLT’s viewport also has had 90+ bug fixes including performance improvements.

Autodesk Maya LT

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