Autodesk Mudbox

Mudbox® digital painting and sculpting software provides 3D artists with an intuitive and tactile toolset for creating and modifying 3D geometry and textures.


Create beautiful characters and environments with Mudbox

Sculpt and paint highly detailed 3D geometry and textures. Mudbox® 3D digital sculpting and texture painting software gives you an intuitive, tactile toolset.


Digital sculpting tool

Create highly detailed 3D characters and environments using an intuitive set of digital tools based on real sculpting techniques.


Paint directly on 3D models

Paint directly on your 3D assets across multiple channels.


Advanced retopology tools

Create clean, production-quality meshes from scanned, imported, or sculpted data.


Dynamic tessellation

Add resolution to a mesh only in areas that need it with an artist-friendly, camera-based workflow.


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Autodesk Mudbox

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