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  • Macro Daemon
    Simulate fluid effect typically seen at Hi-speed macro photography.


  • Mesher meets Cinema 4D fields
    Take advantage of Fields to define regions to be meshed. Save time tuning meshes.


  • Cinema 4D oriented workflow
    More flexibility to define forces and particle emissions along Cinema 4D splines.


  • Force Scale
    Scale all the daemon forces from a single place.


  • Quads for Meshes
    Thanks to the new quad meshed you’ll be able to make meshes easily subdivided.


  • Sub-frame Sampling
    Animated particle emission parameters and daemon parameters are taken account between frames.


  • Particle-size controlled by the fluid
    Use particle speed, age and vorticity to resize fluid particles.


  • Transform your fluid
    Scale, rotate and translate transformations can be applied to fluids.

RealFlow for Cinema 4D

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