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V-Ray NEXT for Nuke

SKU: 1347

V-Ray Next for Nuke — Now compatible with Nuke 11.3


GPU Rendering

You can now take advantage of faster multi-GPU performance on workstations, plus added support for Cryptomatte render elements.


V-Ray Scene Assets

Extract and reuse individual objects from a V-Ray vrscene file. If you need more control, you can define a set of objects to generate a reusable and customizable VRayScene asset.


Powerful Ray Traced rendering

V-Ray for Nuke brings powerful adaptive ray traced rendering to any compositing pipeline. It’s the most full-featured rendering solution for Nuke, NukeX and Nuke Studio.


Node-based integration

With a full suite of advanced rendering tools and support for Nuke's native features, V-Ray for Nuke is a natural evolution of the compositing workflow.


Accurate lighting

Simulate realistic ray traced lighting and shadows with a wide range of light types including spot lights, area lights, HDR environments, Nuke lights and more.


Global illumination

Render accurate indirect illumination with V-Ray’s precise ray traced GI. Now with light cache support.


Phsically-based materials

Create multilayered physical materials directly in Nuke. Choose from purpose-built shaders for car paint, SSS, skin and more.


Production-ready textures

Choose from a number of production-ready texture types including tiled EXR & TX files, layered textures, ambient occlusion and procedural noise.

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