SketchUp Maintenance Single User – 1 year (price/ seat)

1.100 kr (1.375 kr)

SketchUp Maintenance for Single User is granting you support and upgrade for your Single user SketchUp license annualy. When the subscription period is near expire date you will be able to renew your maintenance for another year.

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When you buy a SketchUp Pro license, you’re enrolled in the SketchUp Pro upgrade, maintenance, and support program for one year. When you’re active in this program, you have the following benefits:

Predictable upgrade expenses: Within the year after your initial purchase, you can upgrade to the new SketchUp Pro version. After that first year, simply renew your license and enrollment in the upgrade, maintenance, and support program annually for a predictable upgrade and support expenses.

The most current SketchUp Pro features: When you stay enrolled in the upgrade, maintenance, and support program, you have access to all the power-packed improvements that come with each new version of SketchUp Pro — as soon as the new version is available.

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