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ONSITE is a multi-device application that will give you that one-of-a-kind "wow-effect." It's all possible with a little help of really advanced technology and cool functions available in 5G.

ONSITE helps both big international industries and smaller companies. ONSITE has been used to make apps to events, such as The Winter Olympics in Korea, Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, F1 in Bahrain and World Ski Championships in Falun, Sweden.

With ONSITE, you can create an event application with real-time notifications, make an app for a festival with schedules and sponsorships or hold a presentation with 3D environments and interactive functions that your customer never will forget. 

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Sport Stadium

Become your own TV producer and experience a sports event in an exciting and flexible way thanks to the functionality of ONSITE SPORT. Explore a 3D-map of the area and follow your favourite athletes in real-time. Choose your favourite way to track the action; 3D-map overview, VR, AR and more. Stream video of the event live directly through the companion app. Everything of course with 5G compatibility.


Do you want to visualize your entire industry, navigate specific machines or get a notification as soon as any obstacles or dangers occur? Let ONSITE INDUSTRY create the solution for you with appealing 3D-environments, from detailed processes to the whole industrial complex.

City horisont BW

Create your digital visitor center, navigate a neighborhood, a city or an entire region in 3D with a companion app that has a base in ONSITE GEO. Discover its history and places worth seeing by entering and viewing them in an indoor 3D-environment. ONSITE GEO is the perfect tool for tourists and visitors to use, but also practical for people who live nearby who want to learn more about their local area.

Live konsert

Make the festival experience even more enjoyable with ONSITE FESTIVAL. A companion app is a smooth and modern way to view the schedule and facilities at a festival. Create a custom schedule and don’t miss a thing. Stay up to date with any news and changes.

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