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Chaos Phoenix 5, update 1 - What's new?


Chaos Phoenix 5, Update 1 adds many new features to speed up users’ workflows and help them get the job done faster. With more creative control, they can create the effects they want quickly and easily. We’ve also powered up the Phoenix Standalone Simulator. And much more.

What’s new

Get the job done faster.

Speed up your workflow with interactive rendering support.

[3ds Max] Faster iterations. Receive instant feedback to fine-tune your simulations or explore different looks with support for V-Ray CPU’s Interactive Production Rendering. Save time to be creative.

More creative control.

You can create the desired effect quickly and easily with enhanced volume and particle shaders.

[3ds Max] Volume and particle deformers. Deform volumes and particles in no time. Play with modifiers that bend, skew, taper, twist, melt, or stretch the selected simulators.

Fog Phase Function. Create even more realistic volumetric effects when using ray-traced scattering with V-Ray CPU in the Phoenix Particle Shader. The new phase function parameter gives you more control over the Shader’s fog mode.

Fog absorption color. Conjure new and interesting volumetric effects by changing the light’s color as it travels through fog.

And more.

[3ds Max] Updated user interface. We’ve optimized the user interface for faster Simulator loading times and ease of use. Choose if rollouts should be floating, pinned, or docked, pin the volumetric options window, and more.

Streamline previews. Get an accurate and detailed streamline preview of how forces will affect the simulation before it starts. Convert streamline previews into native 3ds Max and Maya splines at the click of a button.

More powerful Phoenix Standalone Simulator. Retime simulations with support for time-bend resimulation, animate transforms of geometries and simulators or options inside the simulator or sources in 3ds Max or Maya, and set custom start and stop frames for resimulation. And much more.


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