V-Ray for Houdini
  • Take your VFX pipeline to the Next level.


    V-Ray’s Academy Award-winning renderer is now available for the world’s most powerful VFX software.


    V-Ray® for Houdini is the perfect addition to any VFX & animation production pipeline.

    No matter if it’s a horde of zombies, an erupting volcano, or an epic space battle, V-Ray for Houdini is built to handle your biggest scenes and most demanding projects. Best of all, it connects seamlessly with Houdini and the rest of your favorite V-Ray applications like Maya and 3ds Max.




    • Production-proven rendering
      High-performance CPU & GPU ray tracing


    • Volume rendering
      Supports native Houdini volumes & OpenVDB
    • V-Ray Scene exchange
      Transfer V-Ray scenes from Maya & 3ds Max
    • Instancing
      Supports all types of Houdini instances
    • Physical hair
      Realistic-looking hair with accurate highlights
    • Particles
      Extensive control with custom attributes
    • Packed primitives
      Efficient handling of geometry at render time

    V-Ray for Houdini

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