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Unlock new artistic possibilities with 3ds Max

Unlock new levels of speed, efficiency, and creativity with 3ds Max. This update improves popular modifiers like Turbosmooth, Chamfer, and Spline; a new Spline Extrude functionality to increase productivity; significant performance improvements that accelerate your animation workflow; and more.

Capabilities in 3ds Max

Spline Extrude Spline objects are essential to many modeling workflows within 3ds Max, as artists can easily create and augment 3D content for games, film, graphic design, and visualization. A new Spline Extrude functionality enables artists to extrude or extend segments and open spline vertices on any Line, Editable Spline, or Edit Spline modified object - directly from the Viewport. This will significantly reduce mouse movement fatigue and improve overall productivity.

Morpher Modifier Performance The Morpher modifier, which is widely used to create realistic morph target-based animations, brings significant animation performance improvements that enhance the Viewport playback of any morph animation. It will considerably benefit animators' ability to review and iterate upon their work.

Skin Modifier Performance Improvements to the Skin modifier provide a noticeable boost to the Viewport playback framerate of Skin deformed objects and enhance animators' ability to review and iterate upon their work.