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Megafront - on the road! 🚗

Time runs by so fast! It's been 52 days since Christmas already, the days are getting longer, and the sun brings out smiles and reminds us of summer! 🌞

Some of you may have been in touch with Millie, she is hitting the road and want to visit you - yes you! It doesn't matter if you are already a customer or someone who wants to get to know us. We offer on-site visits for free, this is because we want to know you, your business and figure out how we can facilitate your work. Of course we hope you are a bit curious about us too!

Send us an email or call us and we'll set up a meet! ☎

+46 (0)23 298 00

And don't worry! It's only 313 days until it's Christmas again! 😄


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